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Error Rate: 0/784 = 0% (keep below half the max damage %)

Error Correction Capability:
Level L – up to max 7% damage
Level M – up to max 15% damage
Level Q – up to max 25% damage
Level H – up to max 30% damage

About the QR Code Generator

This page is just testing the PHP QR Code library but you can use it to create your own QR codes.

Please do not abuse the service and do some bulk QR code generations.

Text: In the text field you enter just what you want to have in your QR code.
Beside text there are other options like email address, contact information and much more.

Pixel Size: This is the size of one black or white block in the QR code.

ECC Level: This is the level of error correction you want to get. The higher the error correction level the easier your QR code can be recognized by a reader and the more "destroyed" or dirty your QR code can be.
On the other hand the image of the QR code gets bigger if you increase the ECC.

Logo: If you want to embed a logo in the QR code you have some sample options over here.
It is not possible to upload your own image because this should be mainly for testing and playing around.

Logo Size: Specify the size of the logo in the QR code. 100% defines that the logo overlays the whole QR code.
The logo is always placed in the center of the QR code.

Logo Mode: The logo mode offers different options to overlay the logo to your QR code. This is mainly for playing around to see some creative possibilities with logo embedding.

  • Include Logo: Just pasting the logo at the center of the QR code.
  • Overlay Logo: The logo is replacing parts of the QR code but the QR code itself is still visible.

More Information about QR Codes

More information about QR codes are available at the QR Code Page.