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Windows 8 – Help

Taking Screenshots within Windows 8

Within Windows 8 it is simple to take multiple screenshots at once and have them automatically stored in the user folder at:

On personal computers press WINDOWS + Print Screen (PrtScn) keys and release.

On laptops and notebooks, you may need to press either WINDOWS + CTRL + PrtScn or WINDOWS + FN + PrtScn keys instead.

On Surface tablets press FN + WINDOWS + Space and release.

On tablets (not Surface), press and hold the capacitive WINDOWS button on the front of the tablet, and press the volume down button on the volume rocker once and release both.

Windows 8 not saving captured Screenshots in Pictures folder

If there is an issue with storage of your screenshots make sure that the key within the Registry is set properly. Open regedit and search for ScreenshotIndex. If it is not existing create this key at this location:


The key should be a DWORD with a decimal number which is the counter of the actual screenshot.