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Munin on your Server

This shows how to use Munin on a CentOS 6 system.

First we need to install it:

yum install munin munin-node

After the installation of Munin we are going to set the most important parameters at /etc/munin/munin.conf :

dbdir /var/lib/munin
htmldir /var/www/html/munin
logdir /var/log/munin
rundir  /var/run/munin

Next we want to set the password to access the webpage because we don’t want each and everyone getting access to it:

htpasswd -c /etc/munin/munin-htpasswd Admin

And finally we fire it up:

/etc/init.d/munin-node restart

Assuming that the web directory is already there just access it and get the graphs.

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